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Skiptracing: Executing a Successful Asset Search

Locating the real estate property and other assets a person, corporation or LLC can be a big job, especially when you  take into account the reality that most individuals really don’t want to reveal that type of info. Many search subjects go to extremes in an attempt to keep their “stuff” hidden and out of view from the public records.  Many times they hide their assets in the names of other entities which can be much more challenging to track.

A Good Skip Tracer will Find the Assets if They Exist

Seasoned private investigators which focus have experience with the art of a success “asset search” are capable of digging up a lot of data which the subject may have gone to great lengths to keep “under the radar.” Skip Tracers who have dedicated their entire lives to executing successful searches high and those who leave absolutely no stone unturned until they have discovered every asset that the subject question has.

This includes hidden bank accounts, offshore secret accounts, real estate, cars, boats, RV’s, airplanes, intellectual property, stocks and bonds, and even unclaimed property.  These sort of possessions will be discovered and reported to you by the skip tracing professional. If hidden assets exist, they will certainly be found.

Litigation Like Divorce or Child Custody Battle

If you are involved with a divorce or a child custody situation where income and assets of the opposing party actually may have a direct impact upon the amount of funds or type of a settlement that you could end up with. Locating banking relationships and financial institutions under these kind of circumstances is common place. In many situations, there may be an account or multiple bank accounts that the adversary is desperately trying to hide. But, in many states, this type of property is marital and may be subject to equitable separation in the division of the assets. Finding these kind of  hidden assets very well can make a whole world of  difference in the success of your litigation actions.

Judgment Enforcement

The conditions that demand an asset search are very often just as unusual as the person behind the search. Perhaps you are a person who has a money judgment against a subject and there are fund that are due to you, but you can’t collect.  This judgment enforcement can move forward when you are successful in identifying assets which you can seize through a writ of execution and levy via the county sheriff’s department or marshal if you have  federal judgment.

Asset SearchVictim of Fraud

If you own a business and have been defrauded by an unscrupulous employee or other company, you may be looking for a way to find all financial information and history on the party who has “stabbed you in the back.” This sort of info is extremely valuable as you embark on legal action to bring home the assets that rightfully belong to you.

Former Employer Owes Money

If you were previously employed and your old boss owes you money and this business owner has refused to pay  you the money that you are owed, it is often very helpful to hire a professional skip tracing to conduct a comprehensive asset search. This provides you with the chance to locate the money, and also give you the needed evidence you might encounter to pursue legal action for successful recovery.

Asset Searches are certainly not limited to exclusively to personal or business situations that have gone array. This type of knowledge can be very important in the in forming new personal or business relationships. It is very possible that you have recently met the romantic interest who you believe is your ideal match and you plan to get engaged and have a wedding – and hopefully cohabitate  “happily forever” as in the fairy tales. The ultimate way to achieve this dream is to conduct skiptracing to find out that your potential partner has any history of bankruptcy, tax liens, judgments on property, criminal history, or has a significant amount of undisclosed assets.  It is possible that taking this course of becoming enlightened can totally switch the way you view this relationship.

It is quite obvious that as you develop a really serious relationship like a marriage partnership, your financial situations are very often merged together.  This means you certainly do not at all want your spouse’s dreadful financial condition to carry over to you and destroy what you have so diligently built.  Additionally, if your partner has been crooked and deceitful and there are issues that you have absolutely no clue about, this will most certainly cause you to stop cold in your tracks.

If you are an entrepreneur and embarking upon a new business venture, an Asset Search may be an extremely valuable way for you to find out about who you can trust in the process of reaching your goals. Any business that is getting off the ground will necessarily have to establish financial relationships with some individuals and business entities.  Therefore, it is mandatory for you to know exactly who you are dealing with by confirming you are surrounded by honest individuals.  Moving forward with Asset Searches will confirm is your prospective business partners really are who they claim to be. Knowing exactly what assets your partners have and confirming a clean financial history will provide you with tremendous peace of mind and confidence to move forward. When you put your entire future on into a new business, it is vital that you check out the people who you plan to  work with.  They need ot be working on your side and not as your opponent.

You really can’t afford not to move forward with an asset search when you are faced with dealing with people whose financial condition is unknown..   The world is yours for the taking when you are blessed with reliable information that reveals the truth which is not always easy to find.

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