Property Ownership Records

Real Estate Property Records / Property Deeds

Nationwide Real Estate Property Records

We can locate current and past records of real estate property ownership nationwide.

Our research and extensive data capabilities can provide you with a comprehensive list of all real estate properties that any person or company owns on a nationwide basis.

This information is very helpful if you are conducting an asset investigation or seeking to locate all of the real estate presently owned or previously transferred for the purposes of judgment recovery/collections or child support collection.  Additionally we have helped many of our clients who are presently in litigation or anticipating the filing of a lawsuit and need to uncover and identify all real estate property deeds/titles currently owned by any person(s) or businesses such as corporations or LLC’s.

Our extensive data will provide you with details such as the transaction dates, sales price, mortgage amount, information, lender, and previous owner.   If fact, we can trace the genealogy of ownership for all real estate property within the United States.