People Finder

Do You Need Help Locating Someone You Can’t Find?

We are a professional PEOPLE FINDER SERVICE and we can help you find just about anyone who is located in the United States.

We can usually find the person that you are looking for very quickly (within 24 hours or less) and often we can even provide you with a contact telephone number.

Are You Wanting to Locate the Assets or Real Estate Owned By a Person or Company?

We are experts at SKIP TRACING and we are able to assist you in conducting an extensive asset investigation on any person or business entity.

Just a few examples of how we can most likely help you:

  • Adoptions – searching for birth parents, adopted siblings or children
  • Former Spouse – looking for an ex-wife or ex-husband Friends – looking for missing and long lost friends
  • Lost Loves – searching for a lost lover or romantic interest.
  • Runaways – from family members and loved ones. Missing Persons – people looking for someone who has disappeared without explanation
  • Genealogy – trying to find information about family history
  • Relatives – seeking to find missing family members
  • Strangers – looking for those they met briefly and didn’t get to say all they wanted to
  • Reunions – organizers of upcoming family, class and organization reunion seeking to find and organize a reunion.
  • Veterans – wanting to find other members of the military they served with or met during their service
  • Disaster Survivors – looking for survivors of a disaster such as Hurricane Katrina?


We can find just about anyone anywhere in the USA if you just give us a current or previous address from the past 10 years or a date of birth.

Many of our clients use our investigative and skiptracing services to discover the complete personal background history of any person which includes all judgments, liens, bankruptcies, evictions, foreclosures, and criminal history.