Asset Investigation with Full Search

   Asset Investigation with Full Search

When you give us your subject’s name and address, and we will verify the person’s name, date of birth, provide any aliases (AKA’s) used, social security (SSN)  numbers used (in truncated form), & the location and the year this social security number was issued. We’ll also give you a complete address history going back as far as 30 years along with any current and past real estate your subject has owned anywhere within the U.S.

We Can Provide You with a Comprehensive Background Check

We will also provide a thorough Background Check, a full search of all available phone numbers, past and present, professional licenses held, drivers license registration for most states, motor vehicle /ownership/registration, aircraft and boats owned, concealed weapons permits, domain registrations, LLC’s, partnerships and corporations, as well as judgments, liens, UCC liens, state and federal tax liens, foreclosures, and bankruptcies.

We can generally provide you with results within 24 hours, or in some cases much more quickly.

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